Wednesday, July 14, 2010

July 10

John Deere Classic

On Saturday we went out to watch the John Deere Classic. It is always fun to see such great golfers in such a beautiful setting. Now that I'm learning to golf myself, I'm even more amazed by what these pros can do. This photo is of the guy who actually ended up winning the whole thing - Steve Stricker.

July 9

Stephanie's Bridal Shower

We had so much fun celebrating Stephanie's upcoming wedding! It was great to spend time with my aunts, cousin and Grandma, and especially to celebrate such an exciting time in Stephanie's life.

July 4

Bags Champions

Several of the guys participated in a Fourth of July Bags Tournament and Corey and Dennis won!

July 3


Another beautiful day on the Mississippi River. This time we were out with Genny and Brandon. I even went water skiing! It's definitely been awhile since I've done that. Probably explains why I was so sore the next day!

June 26

Family Picnic

We had a good time with Troy's family even though it was a really warm day! This photo is of us with Troy's Dad, Ray.

June 25

Dinner Club on the Mississippi

This was such a beautiful night to be out on the river. I love how cool the sky looks in this picture!

Monday, July 12, 2010

June 19

Golf Outing

Relaxing after a day of golf.

June 17

Thursday Night Softball

Harrington's is still undefeated!

June 13

Early Father's Day

We celebrated a week early because Mom and Dad were on their way to Nova Scotia on Father's Day. Dad is showing off one of his presents.

June 12

Cutest Customer

Our friends Jenny and Clint stopped by with Milo, who quickly became our favorite customer.

June 11

Garage Sale Day

Look at all the customers checking out our stuff!

June 10

Garage Sale Prep

Getting ready for the big sale!

June 9

River Bandits Game

June 7

Words With Friends

I am SO addicted to this game - send help!

June 6

Kitty Standoff

I moved Daisy into Troy's house and here she is checking out Troy's cat. They are not quite sure about each other.

June 5

Poolside Bridal Shower

I co-hosted a bridal shower for Sarah. In this photo is me and Sarah along with her mom, her two sisters and co-hostess Stephanie.

June 4

Missed a day!

June 3

Pineapple Chicken Quesadilla

We tried another new recipe tonight. I really liked the flavor of this one, definitely one to make again.

June 2


These lillies are new this year, stolen from my dad's garden. :)

June 1

Golf Lessons

Genny and I are learning how to golf this summer. Here's Genny showing off her skillz.

May 31

100-Calorie Cosmo

Celebrating Memorial Day with a lighter version of one of my favorite drinks.

May 30

Perfect Patio Night

Sarah and Staci enjoying a great night on the patio.

May 29

Birthday Boy

I loved watching Jack play with the birthday present I got for him.

May 28

Friday Night

The view from the bridge on this night was so cool, I had to take a picture! Beautiful sky!

May 27

Jack's Birthday Present

Getting ready for the festivities on Saturday!

May 26


I had to get our tickets to Sex and the City 2 a day early to make sure it wasn't sold out like last time! Although it wasn't as good as the last movie, I still loved seeing my favorite characters on the big screen.

May 25

Sneaky Critter

Some little critter is wreaking havoc on the potted plants on my deck. It's driving me crazy!

May 24

Driving Home

We had a stormy drive home from Louisiana, but it made for some interesting clouds and pictures.

May 23

Not in Iowa Anymore!

This little lizard reminded us we were a long way from home!

May 22

Happy 40th Billy!

Troy and I drove to Shreveport, Louisiana to help his friend Billy celebrate his 40th birthday. Troy and Billy have been friends since the Marines 20 years ago!

May 21

Road Trip

I caught this neat picture as we were flying down the highway on the way to Lousiana.

May 20

Baby Tomatoes!

My four tomato plants are just getting started...

May 19

Dinner Club

One of my favorite nights of the month - always a good time with a great group of girls.

May 18


Wow, am I behind or what? Trying to get caught up now, but I know I've missed a few more days here and there.

Anyway, I love peonies so I planted these in my front yard a few years ago. Beautiful!