Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Jan. 5

We're going to Fight! Fight! Fight! for IOWA!*

Tonight we celebrated the end of the Iowa Hawkeyes successful 2009 season (insert boring college football statistics here) as they beat Georgia Tech in the Orange Bowl. I would like to tell you what the final score was; however, I'm sorry to report I don't actually remember it. Let's be honest - I paid more attention to the incredibly entertaining halftime show by Kool and the Gang than I did to the game itself.

I am not exactly what you would call a college football fan, but I am now the proud owner of one Hawkeyes T-shirt and two hats. I had fun celebrating their success this year with friends who are die-hard fans.

Go Hawks!

* An Internet search has revealed the actual lyrics to the Iowa fight song to be:
"The word is Fight! Fight! Fight! for Iowa!"
However, I have never heard it sung that way, so I'm leaving it the way it is.

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  1. you'll laugh if you read my post for the evening...but I can only imagine how fun it was at the bar you were at! :) I, too am the proud owner of 2 sweatshirts, one sweatpant, and 1 t-shirts...all from Jason in hopes to make me a fan. :) YAY Hawkeyes! Fun post Amy!