Monday, March 15, 2010

March 8

Driving Miss Daisy

When I go out of town, my parents are kind enough to let Daisy stay with them. The only problem is that she HATES the car, and especially this carrier. This makes for an interesting ride considering my parents live about 30 minutes away. She spends the entire trip crying to the point where she has to stop and catch her breath, and she ends up panting like a dog. Look at those sad eyes peering out from her "cell!"

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  1. Why are cats so weird!?! I just brought Sam downtown for the week because I wasn't able to come home for a few days and EVERY time he pees and poops on the car ride (I have to keep him in a cage so it's not like he does this in the litter box!) and it smells SO bad the entire drive and I feel soooo bad for him. But honestly, Like I'd ever let anything happen to him! Why don't they believe us!? Poor Daisy!